The Beehive


An experimental  documentary about Juanita Neilsen, the activist, publisher and heiress who campaigned against real estate development in her neighbourhood of Kings Cross and whose ‘disappearance’ in 1975 has forever haunted Sydney.

“A conventional documentary presents a singular argument or perspective. But Zanny Begg throws out the conventions in her film, The Beehive, by presenting 1,344 possible versions of the narrative. This prompts us to question how knowledge is constructed.”

Kim Munro,  The Conversation

The film first screened at ACMI, September -November 2018 and the Sydney Festival 2019

An Enigma Machine Production (2018)
Featuring Pamela Rabe as ‘The Beekeeper”
Held in the collections of: ACMI and Artbank; acquired by City of Sydney for the Permanent Art Collection

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