Sydney Film Festival Unveils First Crop for 2021. “Leading the pack is Wash My Soul in the River’s Flow”.  “It’s an incredibly moving film...” says Nashen Moodley, Artistic Director of SFF.  IF Magazine.

The Screen Show, ABC, Radio National. 2019

As Series 2 of HBO phenomenon Big Little Lies wraps, Jason Di Rosso, Lauren Carrol Harris and writer/producer Philippa Bateman discuss one of TV’s most spectacular critical successes.

Philippa Bateman awarded a SheDoc Fellowship.
IF Magazine. 2019

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The Screen Show, ABC Radio, Radio National. 2018

Philippa Bateman and Zanny Begg talk to Jason Di Rosso about their experimental documentary The Beehive about murdered activist, style icon and heiress Juanita Nielsen
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The Lady Vanishes: The Beehive at the Sydney Festival  The Monthly, Steve Dow. 2018
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Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian reviews ‘Jindabyne’ - 5 stars
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UA inks Bateman and her banner April Films
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