Enigma Machine P/L's slate comprises documentary, feature film and television drama. 

Sometimes, we collaborate with visual artists working in film, photography and code. 

In approach and style, Middle Of the Road isn't our thing. Stories we tell are connected to big ideas but told through an intimate and distinctive lens.

With everything we do, it is the compelling idea or the originality of the story or thinking behind the work that fires our commitment to the project. 

We can't tell you everything we are doing but we have projects in development and filming in Australia and the US. We hope for global appeal.


Film projects currently in development and production: Wash My Soul in the River’s Flow, an Enigma Machine production in association with Shark Island Productions (producers: Archie Roach, Kate Hodges, Philippa Bateman; executive producers Ian Darling and Emma Donovan); The Good Son (writer. Greg Fleet); Crash (Dir. Alexis Bloom), American Hunter (dir. Alex Kershaw) and Significance (dir.Philippa Bateman; producer Kate Hodges).


Executive Producer, WASH MY SOUL IN THE RIVER’S FLOW and singer-songwriter Emma Donovan talks about the legacy of Ruby Hunter and why this film is important to her. Click HERE

Enigma Machine production The Beehive, a documentary about murdered activist and publisher Juanita Nielsen was recently acquired by the City of Sydney. It is also held in the collections of ACMI (Australian Centre for the Moving Image) and Artbank.

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